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Total Student-Athlete Performance

With our team of positive and experienced coaches, we offer academic and athletic services that fit the needs of student-athletes at any level. We believe our clients will find the best value, experience and total person improvement by creating a customized package that includes multiple services. 

Fitness and Sports Training

With a team of dedicated and experienced coaches, GPA offers both group and personal instruction available to students at all levels. Please reach out to us for more information on:



Speed and Agility

Cardio and Strength Training


Mental Performance Training


As former collegiate All-American tennis players, we certainly recognize the value in investing in personal and sport-specific training to enhance your competitive game. What sets great competitors apart from the rest of the field is the ability to be mentally tough, persevering through all situations with a focus on what they can control. Throughout the mental performance training program, athletes will learn how to optimize their strengths; overcome mental barriers; set and achieve goals; and reshape their competitive mindset to maximize performance. Training programs are available for individuals and teams.


Academic Coaching
In addition to athletics, we desire to help students reach their academic goals as well. We currently offer one-on-one coaching sessions for students seeking help in English, beginner/intermediate Spanish, essay writing and editing as well as guidance through the college essay process. Students needing help with general study and organizational skills will find our services beneficial. 


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