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Fitness and Sports Training


The programs below represent our current offerings as we continue to expand our business. Please contact Jaime for information on football, lacrosse and softball training, as well as other sport-specific requests.

Tennis Instruction
Summer Tennis Camp

Our business was built on our love of teaching tennis! Our coaches are equipped to help the next generation of tennis players reach their personal best while truly enjoying the sport. No matter what level, players will have a great experience developing skills for a sport they can play for a lifetime. For more information on summer camps and clinics, contact Jaime

Speed and Agility Training

Speed, balance and agility are fundamental elements of most competitive sports. To improve performance on the court or the field, there is great value in improving these three fundamental athletic skills. Experienced coaches will guide student-athletes through drills and exercises that will improve their speed, balance and agility as it relates to their particular sport  As the coaches track results, student-athletes will be motivated to continue working hard as they see their progress in these three areas. Individual, customized small group or team trainings are available. To schedule training sessions, contact Jaime.

Basketball Instruction
Summer Basketball Camp

Improvement happens when players set small, specific goals and create a realistic yet motivating plan to achieve them. Our coaches are eager to help student-athletes with this process. To schedule one-on-one and customized small group training sessions that include lessons in goal-setting and purposeful practice, contact Jaime.  


Personal Fitness

Physical fitness is another important piece to the complete wellbeing of student-athletes. Our certified coaches will create a personalized program that aligns with the individual's fitness goals. After an initial assessment and goal-setting session, student-athletes will be challenged to improve their fitness levels with the support and encouragement of positive coaching.  Contact Jaime to create a customized training package.




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